the chip to dip

Made from the same factory, Issa’s is made with the same care and attention as our bread products. These chips are baked and made with all natural ingredients. Baked in a flame lit oven our Pita Chips boast a unique appearance, texture, and taste! With only 120 calories per serving and 4g of protein, Issa’s offers you “The Healthy way to Snack!”

  • All natural
  • Simple ingredients
  • Non-GMO
  • Preservative free

a healthy snack for growing minds

Issa's pita chips are the perfect whole grain snack for learning minds. We provide schools with healthier options that do not contain preservatives or other harmful ingredients. Issa's pita chips are available in various sizes to help meet student nutritional needs. Let us help you explore the many ways Issa's can be used in your cafeteria!

flame baked

Baked in a classic six burner oven for a satisfying crunch.


Made from all natural ingredients with no preservatives.

healthy choice

Only 120 calories per serving and 4g of protein.

made to share

The perfect snack to pair with dips at any gathering.

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